Additional described countries here below do not need visa for Turkish citizens
Our surveyors can reach that listed below countries easly ;
At least one of our survey has got a schengen visa in our office.

7/24/365 days

Countries do not need visas in South Africa for Turkish
Argentina (90 Days)
Bolivia (90 Days)
Brazil (90 Days)
Ecuador (90 Days)
Colombia (90 Days)
Nicaragua (90 days)
Paraguay (90 Days)
Peru (90 Days)
Chile (90 Days)
Uruguay (90 Days)
Venezuela (90 Days)

North and Central American countries do not need visas
Antigua and Barbuda (30 Days)
Bahamas (8 months)
Barbados (90 Days)
Belize (90 days)
British Virgin Islands (30 days)
Dominican Republic (vize- 30 days at the border)
El Salvador (90 Days)
Guatemala (90 days)
Haiti (90 Days)
Honduras (90 days)
Jamaica (90 Days)
Costa Rica (90 Days)
Mexico (Electronic visa, 30 days, provided that the airline leisure travel and entry.)
Panama (180 Days)
St. Kitts and Nevis Islands (90 days)
Saint Lucia (45 Days)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Islands (30 days)
Trinidad and Tobago (30 Days)
Turks and Caicos Islands (30 days)

Visa unwilling countries in Europe
Andorra (90 Days – but it is not directly necessary for the Schengen transportation.)
Azerbaijan (visa at the border – only in Baku Airport, 30 Days)
Albania (90 Days)
Belarus / Belarus (30 Days)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (60 Days)
Armenia (visas at the border, 120 days)
Georgia (90 Days)
Montenegro (90 Days)
Kosovo (90 Days)
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (ID for short-term tourist travel, passports are required for long-term travel.)
Macedonia (90 Days)
Moldova (90 Days)
Russia (30 Days)
Serbia (90 Days)
Ukraine (60 Days)

Visa unwilling countries in Asia
Bahrain (visas at the border, 14 days)
Bangladesh (visas at the border, only in Dhaka Airport, 30 Days)
Bhutan (Border Visa, 30 days)
East Timor (visas at the border, 30 days)
Indonesia (visas at the border, 30 days)
Philippines (30 Days)
Palestine (30 Days – it does apply for direct entry to Gaza.)
Hong Kong (90 Days)
Iraq (visas at the border, 30 days)
Iran (90 Days)
Japan (90 Days)
Cambodia (visa at the border, 30 days) (Visas can be obtained from the Honorary Consulate in Turkey.)
Qatar (visa at the border (only Doha Airport, 14 days)
Kazakhstan (30 Days)
Kyrgyzstan (indefinitely – must enroll in at least 5 days before arrival.)
South Korea (90 Days)
Lebanon (90 Days)
Macau (30 Days)
Maldives (30 Days)
Malaysia (90 Days)
Mongolia (30 Days)
Nepal (visas at the border, 90 days)
Singapore (90 Days)
Sri Lanka (visa at the border – 30 Days)
Syria (90 days, provided that 1 time in 6 months)
Tajikistan (visas at the border, just in Dushanbe Airport, 30 Days)
Thailand (30 Days)
Taiwan (visas at the border, 30 days)
Oman (visa at the border, 30 days)

Visa unwilling countries in Africa
Botswana (90 Days)
Morocco (90 Days)
South Africa (30 Days)
Kenya (visas at the border, 90 days)
Libya (90 Days)
Mauritius (30 Days)
Mozambique (visas at the border, 30 days)
Rwanda (Electronic Visa Application for visa at the border, 30 days)
Seychelles (90 days)
Sudan (visas at the border, 30 days)
Swaziland (30 Days)
Tanzania (visa at the border, 90 days)
Tunisia (90 Days)
Zambia (visa at the border, 30 days)

Visa unwilling countries in Oceania
Cook Islands (31 days)
Fiji (90-120 days)
Niue (30 Days)
Palau (30 Days)
Samoa (border visa, 60 days)
Tuvalu (visas at the border, 30 days)
Vanuatu (30 Days)

List of our countries do not need visas from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs / visa regime is prepared according to the Lonely Planet and Visa Requirements Information Table.
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